MY ENVY BOX August 2016


Hello beautiful people!

How are you guys? I know you all must be waiting for our posts, so here I am with something really exciting and that is my first ENVYBOX. I have always dreamed of it and wondered why girls go crazy about it! And yes I got mine today. I am really happy to discover the products that are perfect for my skin type and personal choice. August ENVYBOX box is a perfect blend of products and now I know why girls love it so much. I just loved the Hedonista- clear moisturizer, O3+- Eye circle cream, Stay Quirky- Nail polish, Omorfee- Lip lightening salve.

The description of each product is given in the box along with its usage and benefits.

Overall I was really happy to receive this ultimate luxury box.


  1. Hedonista clear moisturizer-

The clear moisturizer by Hedonista is a light weight, quick absorbing, and hydrating gel for humid months. Glycerin moisturizes and plums up the skin, lavender-vanilla aroma comforts and balances the mind.


  1. 03+ Eye circle cream-

The 03+ eye circle cream smoothens the eye contour while lifting and firming the skin around eyes. It deflates bags, reduces puffiness, soothes wrinkles, and fades dark circles leaving the eyes looking younger and more radiant.


  1. Stay Quirky Nail polish-

A woman is never lost except when she cannot find her shade of nail polish. In the world that is full of choices ‘Stay Quirky’ is your ultimate choice. Gone are the days of not finding that particular colour that you really wanted and then having to make do with a similar colour.


4. Omorfree Lip Lightening Salve

Revel baby soft pink lips with the miraculous pure carrot seed oil. It removes discoloration and eventually brings back your natural soft baby pink lips that are rendered smooth, fresh and full of sheen owing to Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil. The pure watermelon extracts further boost up the product’s efficiency.


So girls, go get your ENVY BOX and pamper yourself with its ultimate products. Can’t wait to hear your experiences about the box, so do leave your comments below.

click here to get your own MY ENVY BOX

Stay tuned for more updates.

Have a lovely day!

By- Kashish Rai



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