Hi everyone,

‘Fashion is something that comes from within you’.

How ARE YOU? As we already told you that our team was going to attend an exhibition ‘The Wedding Premiere’, a 2-day luxurious wedding exhibition, held at ‘THE LANDMARK’ HOTEL in KANPUR on 9th and 10th September 2016.

The event showcased products like the finest, latest and most exclusive services in the bridal and wedding world. All kinds of wedding products and services, designer jewelry, wedding planning, all available under one roof.

People from across the country had put their stalls, some of my personal favorite, are:


SUAVE Kolkata based designer, two young girls handling an impressive stall the collection was elegant and classy too.


Then comes the 2nd REHMAT DESIGNER STUDIO, they were from Punjab basically from Chandigarh and Ludhiana their dresses were heavy, the embroidery was different and their dresses were very graceful.



Now the third stall which I liked the most was FUCHSIA by STUTIMATA. her collection was elegant, simple yet classy and most importantly her dresses were quite affordable. And above all she chose Benarasi Silk in most of her dresses which impressed me since nowadays Benarasi Silk is everybody’s choice.


GRACE COUTURE STUDIO was the best and got on top of my list. This store is put up in Kanpur. The store is managed by a young girl and all the design can be customized to your taste. An exquisite fusion of traditional and grace with a pinch of modern ideas.  The designs are fresh and young like the designer herself. You will definitely love her collection and her fashion taste



The GOLDEN WAVE: There specifics were Lehengas and Ladies Suits yet in a budget that was eye popping. That feels great when you get to wear princess dress in no heavy economic loss.

I had a blast at this exhibition, we are not fashion icons, we just love fashion, we love to look good and we are always best at our end.

‘Fashion is art and you are the canvas’.



Kashish Rai.


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