Kanpur’s First Makeup Workshop!

The best thing is To Look natural. But it takes Makeup To Look natural.

-Calvin Klein

IT has been a long journey from Cawnpore to Kanpur. It is a small city, but people from here are talented and ambitious, slowly but fabulously we are trending. We are all busy in criticizing the city but look around and see there are so many talents and creative people here and they are achieving so much in their career. Think big no matter where you are from.

Hie every one 🙂

Today’s blog is about Makeup. We have so many platforms to learn it but learning from the expert in itself is a different experience, so here I introduce you a celebrity makeup artist from our hometown itself.

The Makeup Artist from Kanpur ‘Mrs. Vandna Mishra’.


She is a renowned make-up artist; she is not only famous in this town but she is also a part of ‘Royal Wedding’ collection by L’oreal. She owns two salons in Kanpur and nail lounge at the Z Square mall, which is the first of its kind, not only in the Kanpur but in all of Uttar Pradesh. She has worked her magic on many famous celebrities, personalities and super models. And she has attended over 200 seminars of makeup. Like it has been said; “A curious mind is always hungry for more”.


Recently her Makeup workshop put-up in ‘The Landmark Hotel’ where she showcased 3 looks 1st- day look, 2nd-red carpet look, and 3rd- a bridal look. Her workshop was very easy to understand and a huge success. There is a vast difference in learning online and learning live. I have heard a lot about Vandna but I must say she is a lot more than what I have heard. Other than being an exceptionally good makeup artist, she is also a very simple and grounded person.

1st Look from the workshop



This look is perfect to wear for day time and doesn’t take much time to apply. A no-makeup makeup look, giving your face a fresh and glowing result.

2nd Look from the workshop



This look is excellent for your night outs or party. a beautiful smokey eye with a very natural blush on the cheeks and an eye catching lip color. While doing a party look we tent to over do it with heavy eye makeup and a very bold color on the lips but here you can see how beautifully  vandna has played with the colors with out going over the top.

3rd look from the workshop



Gone are those days when the brides used to look all cakey and had to apply kilos of makeup on their wedding day. Now a more simple and more natural look is preferred by the brides that doesn’t feel as well as look heavy on their face. Vandna has done a very wonderful job with this look. Highlighting the features and remaining easy with products is a true mark of how brilliant she is at what she does.


-with Mrs.Vandna Mishra and Ms.Nazia Manzer (CEO of Artistry workshop).

That’s all for now.

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Until then

See ya

By- Bhawna Khanna.


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