hello lovely ladies,

This is Diwali  and my envy box also turned 3, So it’s time to celebrate with envy box…I was so excited to get my envy box, I received this box on 23rd of October . So I felt best way to review a products after using it, here I am with a review of October edition.


The envy box pampers you with the following products.

Forest Essential-Facial Cleansing Paste,

AYCA- Jasmine body wash,

Vert- Loose Powder,

VICHY- Ideal White Brightening Deep Cleansing Foam,

Nertia- Nail art, GULNARE – Glow Girl Shimmering dry oil.

REVEAL Calvin Klein and KERASTASE Paris .


Forest Essential-Facial Cleansing Paste – After using this my skin feels so soft. Definitely planning to buy a new one which is 1850ml (full size), as I could only use it thrice and it got over 😦 . So for me this is on my shopping list. I give this product 4 out of 5, one point I eat up for its cost.


AYCA- Jasmine body wash- The package of 100 ml I only able to use it only 5 times and product got over. Honestly its expensive 100ml for 438/- and full size is 200ml of 875/- . And it will not give you the feel of clean bath as it do not make much of foam. By my point it was all about fragrance. I give it 2 out of 5.


Vert- Loose Powder- love, love, love for this product . As in the description letter given in the envy box this can be used as an eye shadow, highlighter or a blush. I used it as an EYE Shadow and blush, it gave me such a natural look and what I love the most about this product is it does not clog your pores. It is definitely on my things to buy list. It is long lasting but a bit overprized though 10gm is of 1250/-. The Highlight of this product is it use natural ingredients like powder of rose petals which is very good for your skin, so since it is made of natural products, I personally think we can invest money on it. I give 5 out 5 for this product.


VICHY- Ideal White Brightening Deep Cleansing Foam – I Used this product for a week, and I still has enough for another week. It claims to get fair skin, after just one week of use I couldn’t find the difference. My skin was clearer after using the product, but it tends to get the skin a bit dry after. Moisturizing is recommended after its use. The package given in the box is 15ml of 230/- and full size is 100ml i.e. of 1550/- economically good.. I give this product 3 out of 5


Nertia- Nail art, GULNARE- A budget Friendly product and good for people who are into nail art. I haven’t got the chance to use it yet, but I am very excited about it.

GULNARE – Glow Girl Shimmering dry oil. REVEAL Calvin Klein and KERASTASE Paris – Price and description is not given in the description card and it’s not mentioned on the bottles too. My view about this product is, that it is a very good dry oil with a very light shimmer to it. It does not makes you look like a glitter girl but adds a very soft glow to your skin.


Then REVEAL Calvin Klein- It has a very sweet flowery smell which by the way is kind of my favorite. I was already using it and would totally recommend it.

KERASTASE Paris- my hair have good volume so that bottle ended in one use so can’t tell how it work in long run but smells really good .


Who wouldn’t love to pamper them self with lovely and luxuries products. I got my first envy box and will love to get every month. So girls, go get your ENVY BOX NOW 😛

Hope you guys like the review , Stay tuned for more updates.

By Bhawna Khanna.




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