Hello Folks,

My November Envy Box is here. This Month I got showered with such wonderful products made with all natural ingredients. I am so happy with this month’s Envy box that I am planning to get a yearly subscription. The best thing about My Envy Box is that it is affordable and you get so many different product samples to try.


So, coming back to this month’s Envy box, let’s see what have we got.

This box contains following products.

  • The Green Meadow- Lip Butter
  • Fuia- Verve Fschace Mask
  • Neemli Naturals – Shea Butter body Polish
  • Aerth- Hair Protein Pack
  • Vert- Lip Scrubnov2The Green Meadow- Lip Butter
    After using this product my lips feel so light and the dryness is gone. I just love using it on my lips. The Green Meadow Lip Butter is free from any artificial flavor and with no added sugar. It has the Fruity smell of peach with softness of vanilla from organically curated essential oils. This lip butter easily melt on the lips and keeps it moisturize. As it has no color, I apply it before putting on lipstick, by doing that it creates a smooth surface for application of lipsticks.

    Full Size 15ml price -Rs. 400/-

    nov5Fuschia- Verve Face Mask
    It contains Rose Water, Kaolin Light, China Clay, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Bentonite Powder, Asparagus Powder, Kiwi Fruit Dried Powder, Vitamin E. All ingredients in this product is natural and healthy for our skin. My skin felt fresh after using this product. I also noticed it gave me clear skin. I use this product once a week and without mixing it with anything.

    Full Size 100gm price- Rs. 450/-nov1

    Neemli Naturals- Shea Butter Body PolishAs you all know I am a big fan of DIY’s. So, when I used this product I did not feel anything extraordinary. I have used products and DIY’s which have given me better results. The only thing I liked in this product was its smell.

    Full Size 25gm price- Rs. 475/-nov3Aerth- Hair Protein PackThis product is made with 100% natural Ingredients and some of them are green gram, Black Gram, Soyabeans, Sesame, Fenugreek Curry Leaves, Spiked Ginger Lily (Kapoor Kachli) Almond Powder. So Much of goodness in one bag. On the packet its suggested to apply with Banana/Curd/Raw Milk or Egg, I didn’t use any of these, I applied it with coconut milk. This product is very effective and use it once in a month only, if you have normal hair, and twice a month for damaged hair.

    Full Size 150gm price- Rs. 275/-

    nov7Vert- Lip ScrubThis product completely gets along with the Green Meadow- Lip Butter. I loved this combination and have already made it a part of my lip care routine. This scrub is simply amazing and have reduced the discoloration on my lips. Again this product contains all 100% natural ingredients. The lip scrub has sweet cocoa sugar in it. No Parabens. Preservation Free.

    Full Size 10gm                Rs. 450/-


    Go ahead and subscribe to MY ENVY BOX and I promise you it will be worth every penny spent. I would love to hear about your experiences with My Envy Box and what was your favorite product. So do leave a comment below or on our facebook or instragm.

    Stay tuned, stay glamorous!

    By Bhawna Khanna




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