Culinary Workshop-3 by Artistry


Hello everyone,

As you all know how much we love to bring your attention to events and workshops happening in our Kanpur city. So, how can we miss it now. We bring you the review of yet another workshop by ‘Artistry’.


The founder of Artistry workshop is Nazia Manzer. She is an interior designer from INIFD, Kanpur. Nazia is an inspiration of  ‘if you want to change something then be that change’. She has conducted 4 workshops, out of which 3 were culinary inspired. We the team of LoveLifeAndMartinis attended Culinary workshop- part3 in association with Pizza Hut which took place on 6th May,2017 in Pizza Hut store, Z square mall.


The workshop started at the given time 12:15pm. 20 people attended the workshop which was further divided in to 2 equal slots. The workshop included pizza dough recipe, 3 types of pizzas, pasta, garlic bread and drinks. Due to lack of time only one pizza could be made. The sauces used were all ready made which was in a way a positive and a negative point. Positive because its easily accessible in the market but it would have been great if they taught us how to make sauces from the scratch.

Anyways moving on it was a great experience all in all to see how our favorite fast food is made and the how much love and dedication is put in it so that we enjoy it with our family and friends. The Pizza Hut Staff was so cooperative and interactive they even shared their kitchen tips and secrets. They allowed the participants to take pictures as well. No one went home confused or with queries in their head.

As our friend NAZIA will put many workshops in future, so we will be the part of it always and will update our fellas about her hard work.We give our best to cover all the latest and best events and this is surely one of them. People have enjoyed it completely, as at the end of the event Mrs. Vandna Shrivastav also accompanied us , who is a great motivational speaker. She encouraged the participants. Everyone went home with a smile.

Our next review will be on ROADELICIOUS The food truck soon. So guys Stay tune for more Updates.


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