Zaara Chougle Makeup Workshop

Hi guys,

It’s been a long time since we posted something on our blog. we have been busy and also trying out new stuff so please bear with us.

around 1st week of Feb 2018, i was invited to attend a makeup workshop, due to hectic time schedule i almost had cancelled going to this event but thank god i did. this makeup workshop was conducted by the very talented Zaara Chougle.

so who is she?


Zaara Chougle from Makeup Artistry

Zaara Chougle is a young and a very talented makeup artist . She is Based in Kanpur, and She learnt her skill from London Makeup School Of Dubai. She started doing makeup Professionally in the year 2016.

my impression of her is that She is very confident and young makeup artist who is not afraid to try new things when it comes to makeup. She had set the bar too high for other makeup artists in the city and in a good way too.

The work shop was really useful and I got to know various techniques to achieve flawless makeup. She made us aware of many hacks that we can use doing makeup like color correctors, basic knowledge of cleaning skin etc.



Zaara started her session with THE DAY LOOK.


The look was very classic nude makeup. we also refer it as “no makeup makeup look”. To achieve this look Zaara started by using prep and prime from MAC  first. Then came the colour correcting technique. She suggested to use red or orange lipstick (if you don’t want to invest in a fancy colour correcting palett), after that she put concealer that is one shade lighter to your foundation. Then Blend, blend and blend….   Moving on to the eye makeup’s first step, she suggested not to take up the color all at once because we can go slow and we can add more if needed but removing excess is little difficult.  She then added a darker shade on the lid using a flat brush.


She, then, switched to the lightest shade used in first step to build the base, again. She kept on blending the two colors till any sharp line could disappear. A glittery shade was then used complimenting to the outfit of the model, which she applied it on the center of the lid using her finger and blended it again to make it look more natural.

Zaara suggested to stay on a softer side and rather go for a nude kohl than the black. “Nude kohl is in trend these days. Because it is the day time makeup, to remain on softer side and to avoid getting all the focus on the eyes I prefer using a nude kohl under waterline”. She used Maybellin New York Lasting Gel Liner.

She then went ahead to creating a wing using an angled brush near to the point where eyebrow is ending. And then, a shade was applied to the lower lash line using a flat brush. It was the same shade that was used in the crease area. The elegant day look finished off like a sizzling spark with the highlighter at the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes.




Zaara started the look with prepping the eyes, as for the night look major focus is on eyes. Night looks are generally bold Smokey eyes and red lips.  So as this one,

use of highlighter was great, as it has taken the whole makeup to the different level.

The Products used in the work shop was

MAC Prime

Huda Beauty

Dior’s Eye Kohl

Anastasia Beverely Hills Glow Kit,

Faces Ultime Pro Bronzing Powder,

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

Maybelline New York Lasting Gel Liner

Translucent Fixing Powder By Kryolon Dermacolor

And Anastasia Beverely Hills Lip Palette’


She started the Glam look by using foundation and concealer by using beauty blender.

Then came the Baking technique. we have all heard of it but are afraid to do so thinking that we will mess it up (at least that’s what I thought ;)). well that’s actually not the case. Zaara thoroughly and patiently explained us what Baking method was.


it is basically uping your highlight game. translucent powder is pressed on the points where you want to highlight like under the eye, bridge of the nose and even below the temple of your cheeks to give it a more defined look. the powder is left on the these areas for min 5-10mins or while you do other things like your eye makeup or even hairstyle. remove the excess using a fluffy brush and viola you will have a more defined face structure that will look amazing when light hits and even in the photographs.

she completed the look by bronzing and highlighting.


The  dresses worn by the models designed by Nikkita Taneja and Sponsored as well . She is also based in Kanpur.


Second The Giveaway Partner- Vanaha By Chandana Arora. In The return bags we got French Pink Clay Rose Face Mask and The Lip Balm in Spearmint by Vanaha’s.

There products claim to be completely natural and organic, so that is the treat to have it. They take customize others according to the fragrance preferences and skin type.

So for 100% pure and organic products Kanpur city have a place to Rescue.


Zaara chougle, Gunjan Bajaj, Haleandbelle, Apsara Mishra, Vanaha and lovelifeandmartinis 

Hope you guys enjoy the blog.

And special thanks to Kanpur Blog .

Photo Credit :- Sanskriti shukla

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By Bhawna Khanna.






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